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AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP (Front Office Accounting)

Usage Areas
Front Office Accounting, Industries & Services, Banking & Finance, Construction & Mining, Consulting & Management, Exchange Offices, Textiles, Tourism, IT & ITC, Insurance, Agriculture, Jewelry, Food, Automotive,Transportation, Manufacturing
Client, CRM, Cash, Serial/Lot No, Warehouse, MRP II, Simple Production, Cheque/Voucher, Tube/Water, Invoice, Delivery, Offer, Order, Installment, Service, Bank, FOREX, Transfer, Analysis, Authorized, SMS, Notes, Help

Program Compatibility
Program Essentials
Operations which can be done in program are as below;
* The records in front office can be followed up without re-entering to general accounting, thanks to totally integrated front office accounting and general accounting system,
* Integration from front office accounting to general accounting can be done instantly or collectively,
* Taking advantage of supporting MSSQL (Optimization can be used on MSSQL Server 2008 version and upper versions) and Firebird database,
* Working with multiple users in offline mode,
* Taking advantage of supporting all languages in the world by unicode.
* Opening and working on windows more than one at the same time by MDI Technology,
* Creating dedicated menu,
* Accessing fast with customized macro definitons and user defined shorcuts,
* Customizing texts based on company (WOLVOX 7 enables to customize texts separately for each different company).

AKINSOFT Wolvox Hotel

* Entering reservations quickly and easily,
* Controlling repeating records while recording reservations,
* Specifying voucher info on reservation record,
* Selecting accommodation type while recording reservation,
* Selecting reservation type,
* Warning the user on specified date and time for the records that are “Pending” or “Reserved”,
* Using one screen with advanced interface for all operations like check-in, cancelling,
* Controlling the guests who often check in hotel,
* Recording guests” register info or requests,
* Displaying past reservations info of guests (which room they stayed, how much they paid, etc…),
* Recording inventories of the room that is assigned as reserved,
* Assigning a reservation that is pending as corfirmed,
* Reporting the reservations that are recorded by filtering in detail,
* Reserving quickly for the operations that are done for group or agent,
* Making the guests who come for one day take the advantage of hotel services except room,
* Invoicing separately by folio transactions,
* Controlling occupancy of hotel and checking reservation operations by using reservation chart.

* Checking in or entering group reservations with one button,
* Sending the guest or staff info to security general directorate management system,
* Recording guests quickly by scanner devices,
* Listing empty, vacancy, blocked rooms through the rack screen,
* Processing front office operations with rack screen (date changes, room changes, info update, folio tracking, check in, check out, recording message for room, room

pictures, etc…),
* Extending reservation time of room by dragging and dropping on reservation chart,
* Blocking the card to open the door of room on check out date by door integration,
* Operating with daily forex rates by downloading forex rates automatically via Central Bank,
* The feature of sending bulk sms or e-mail.

AKINSOFT Wolvox Restaurant

Usage Areas
Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hotels and Subway Shops
Table, Bill, Reservation, Pack Sale, Group Sale, Design, Cargo, Digital Menu, Wireless Order Management with PDA

Program Essentials

* The program is integrated to use with Wolvox ERP(Front Accounting) and Wolvox Hotel,
* It is able to simplfy the program by reducing the menus that are not needed,
* Closing orders and bill operations can be realized easily through touch screen support,
* Printing orders via kitchen printer by using product base or deparment base printing system,
* Tracking orders on kitchen screen,
* Reporting or tracking the products that are treated to,
* Tracking the orders by the customer of which numbers are recorded on database,
* Recording appointment and showing the tables are as reserved on the date or time are specified,
* Tracking the self service orders through the feature of package sale system,
* Listing all open or closed bills and mass closing,
* Making personnels access to their own units by creating independent department units,
* Creating time limited table (like billiard table) or and adding time when specified time out,
* Getting online order via internet with E-Commerce program.
* Giving a card with credit to the customers and making them buy over the limit by credit card system,
* Creating disposable ticket with credit or daily credit card, making the customers spend easily.

* Saving unlimited section or table,
* Editing layout of tables that are recorded,
* Processing the orders from customers by one button,
* Processing the orders with menu by one button,
* Making order operations easier by seeing the images of products,
* Making services easier by entering comment for products,
* Added the feature of selling products with different units (half, single, one and a half etc…)
* Opening more than one bill for one table to block confusion,
* Dividing bill for paying separately,
* More than one payment option for closing a bill,
* Printing the bills as invoice.

* Tracking order by saving or selecting your customers,
* Tracking debt, when closing the bills with debt (Debt tracking can be made with Wolvox ERP),
* Printing receipt voucher by saving collections,
* Creating new customer record,
* Tracking the orders that are given via phone by customers of which numbers you have through the feature of Caller ID (showing the number of caller),

* Customizing the program for the business organizations that have membership system,
* Making customers use a product that you specified for limited or unlimited on condition that payment will be cash in advance,
* Making customers use a product that you specified for limited or unlimited with discount,

* Opening table, bill, order or changing product quantities via PDA device, Android tablet or phone,
* Showing the operations that are done on PDA on desktop screen instantaneously,
* Removing the authority of canceling products for waiters,
* Sending the order to kitchen printer or kitchen screen,
* Closing bill by authorized waiters.

* Making waiters go to customers in a short time through the buttons “Call Waiter”, “Ask Bill” or “Approval” on napkin dispenser,
* The cashier can see the table which calls a waiter or ask bill on the screen,
* Making order and bill operation quicker.

* If there is turnstile system and a card work with credit,
– Tracking entrances,
– Tracking the usage of section,
– Specifying stocks that are used as free,
– Reporting which section is used by which customers through the reports of credit usage,